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Who is entitled to be MVCA MEMBER?
Venture capital and private equity players (they normally apply for Ordinary Members). We also have members from legal, accounting and advisory firms that provide services for and related to the venture capital and private equity companies (they normally falls under Associate Members).

Differences between Ordinary & Associate

Ordinary members can be voted as the EXCO members (the top four committee members), meanwhile, Associate Members can be voted by an Ordinary member to be in the Management Committee members, but not in EXCO.

Ordinary Membership

This membership is open exclusively to institutions and corporations that are primarily engaged in:
  1. The management and / or investment of equity or quasi-equity financing of business enterprises principally for the start-up and /or development of small and medium sized enterprises that have significant growth potential in terms of products, technology, business concepts and services;
  2. Activities where main objective is medium to long term capital gains to remunerate risks and;
  3. Activities pursuant to which such institutions or corporations can provide value-added support to investee companies.
  4. Ordinary Membership & Subscription Fee:
·      Membership Fee (one-off payment) RM5000.00
·      Subscription Fee (annual*) RM3000.00

Associate Corporate Membership

Associate Corporate membership is open to:
  1. Corporations (incorporated within or outside Malaysia) including but not limited to banks, development capital organizations, consultants, financial advisers and stockbrokers, pension funds, insurance companies, financial and development organizations.
  2. Individuals (being Malaysian citizens, permanent resident or non-residents) attached to the corporations above.
  3. Associate Membership & Subscription Fee:
·      Membership Fee (one-off payment) RM3000.00
·      Subscription Fee (annual*) RM2000.00

Associate Individual Membership

  1. Associate Individual Membership & Subscription Fee:
·      Membership Fee (one-off payment) RM2000.00
·      Subscription Fee (annual*) RM500.00
By being a member you can enjoy some benefits and privileges that can assist you further in the VC & PE industry. As an association, our main thrusts are to.
  1. Promote& develop the industry
  2. Represent our member’s views to the Govt, public authorities and industry regulators
  3. Facilitate regular discussions through meetings, conferences, networking functions, trainings, etc.
  4. Collaborate with international VC associations and encourage joint efforts among members and other organisations
  5. Facilitate business funding / investment seeking and alliance between trade groups and members

As a member, you will enjoy

  1. Discounts on all of our events (seminar, conferences, networking session, etc) and also events related to the industry (local & overseas)
  2. Invitation to meetings & discussions with Govt bodies, industry regulators, etc
  3. Dissemination and updates on industry information, statistics and data
  4. Access to directories (local & foreign) - depends on availability at MVCA library

Membership and Subscription Fee Schedule


Membership Fees
(one-off payment)

Subscription Fees   (annual)






Associate (Corporate)




Associate (Individual)


RM   500


Malaysian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association
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The Management Committee Members shall consider the admissibility of the applicant for Membership on the basis of its application and shall have full discretion to decide if an applicant is eligible for Ordinary or Associate Membership.
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